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Roofing is considered major instruction - it will be loud.

Replacing a roof can be a noisy process, depending on the type of roof that is replaced.

Any time the roof is replaced, there will be noise as the old roof is removed and the new one is installed.

If you are expecting a noisy roof replacement, there are a few things you can do to prepare. You may want to consider moving any fragile items in your home to a quieter room, or even out of the house altogether. You may also want to close windows and doors in the vicinity of the work in order to muffle the noise.

If you have pets or young children, you may want to consider putting them in another room or bringing them somewhere else for the day.

You can always try to drown out the sound by streaming music, your favorite show, or movie!

The noise is too much! What can I do?

Our Energy Roofing Installation Teams are typically very careful when working on a roof. They understand that noise can be a major inconvenience for homeowners, and they work to minimize the disruption as much as possible.

However, there is only so much that can be done to keep the noise down, and sometimes there is simply going to be some noise associated with a roof replacement.

We encourage you to talk with our Energy Roofing Consultant to find an alternative or workaround for the noise, including taking time away while the crew is hard at work or going out for a well-deserved dinner to break away from the noise.

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How can I prepare for my roof replacement?

Your Energy Roofing Consultant will provide you with a Job Coordination Checklist to review preparations for your roof replacement.

Our Energy Roofing Production Manager will also reach out to conduct an initial walkaround just prior to the start date for your roof replacement. He will be sure to cover any important details and hear any special concerns you have regarding the staging of the project.

How long will my roof replacement last?

It usually takes 2-3 days to replace a roof on a typical home, though a lot depends on the complexity of the home and the type of roof system being installed. For example, a metal roof system can take several days longer than an asphalt shingle system. If your home is very steep with many valleys, hips, and transitions, that too could add significant time to the length of the job.

Our goal at Energy Roofing is to keep you informed on the progress of your roof replacement every step of the way. Our experienced and highly trained Project Manager and Installation Team Leader will be available to you throughout the project to answer any questions you may have! We are always here to help and increase your knowledge about the various parts of your home's roof.

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