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Storm & Hurricane Roof Prep Introduction

An important aspect of storm preparation is protecting your roof from damage. Roofs can take a beating in a hurricane, so it's important to take steps to safeguard your home.

Below, we'll discuss the different types of roofs that are most susceptible to damage from hurricanes, as well as ways to protect them. We'll also warn you about scam artists who may try to take advantage of you during this time of crisis!

In the wake of the storm, take caution when choosing who will serve your needs.

Don't let scam artists take advantage of you!

One of the most important things to remember during a hurricane is to be on the lookout for storm damage fraudsters. They can end up taking your money and putting on the cheapest roof they could provide.

Some may go door-to-door, falsely claiming they can get you a new roof for your deductible. Others may misrepresent themselves, claiming to be from a legitimate company when they are not.

Before signing any documents, be sure to verify the contractor's references and look up their place of business. Request a detailed proposal before making any decisions.


Carefully review ALL documents before signing anything!

In most cases, these storm chasers are not licensed or insured and they will do subpar work that could ultimately cause more damage to your home. Be sure to get multiple estimates and check references before hiring anyone to work on your roof.

Let's discuss a few easy ways to keep your roof safe from these fraudsters and how you can easily find roofing contractors, like Energy Roofing Companies, whose team truly wishes to serve you best.


3 Easy Steps:
Beware, Verify, Request

In order to protect your home from storm damage, it is important to be vigilant and follow three simple steps: Beware, Verify, and Request.

Make sure you watch out for door-to-door solicitors who may try to take advantage of you during a storm by promising a new roof in exchange for your deductible. Also make sure that you verify any claims made by contractors before signing any contracts, and always request proof of insurance from potential contractors.

  • BEWARE of door-to-door solicitors telling you they can get you a new roof for your deductible!
  • VERIFY any Roofing Contractor’s references and look up their place of business.
  • REQUEST a detailed Proposal before making any decisions.

Our Energy Roofing Team is part of the communities we serve, and we want to make sure you get the roofing care you deserve without being taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. We will carefully review your roofing options and provide you with the best roofing solution for your situation.


Proactive Guide to Protecting Your Roof in a Hurricane

To protect your roof from damage during a hurricane, it's important to take some proactive steps as early as possible. We've written preparation steps to help those on the coast and inland in the hopes of serving you best.

If you live on the coast, you should consider evacuating to a safe location inland. If you're unable to evacuate, make sure to secure any loose items around your home that could be blown away by high winds. This includes patio furniture, potted plants, and lawn decorations. If you have a garage, close the door and secure it with hurricane straps or chains.

If you live inland, you may not need to evacuate but it's still important to take precautions. again, secure any loose items around your home. Bring in any outdoor furniture, potted plants, and lawn decorations. Close and secure your garage door. If you have time, you can also put up hurricane shutters or plywood to protect your windows from flying debris.


In the storm's wake ...

If you do suffer storm damage to your roof, the best thing to do is contact your reputable local roofing contractor like Energy Roofing Companies in Gainesville and Lake City, Florida. We will be able to assess your damages and make the necessary repairs quickly with your best interest in mind.

Protecting your roof during a hurricane doesn't have to be a stressful experience. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your roof will be in good hands. And if you ever have any questions, our team at Energy Roofing Companies is always here to help.

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