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There are many reasons why a business owner might need to replace or fix their roof, whether it's a roof leak that can affect your operations or you need to start saving on your energy bill.

Whatever the reason, Energy Roofing Companies has the experience to do it right the first time and make sure that your business stays up and running without interruptions, installing your roof with proven best practices and the highest quality standards.

With our GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor certification, you can rest assured we have the experience you can trust your business with. 🏢 🏨 🏦 🏭

The President Award

Duro-Last®, Inc. Honors Energy Roofing Companies with the President Award

"I am continually amazed by the ingenuity and drive of our contractors, and Energy Roofing Companies is no exception," said Duro-Last Chairman of the Board Jack Burt.

"Duro-Last is honored to recognize the hard work and commitment that our network of authorized contractors has provided over the years. Energy Roofing Companies has consistently gone above and beyond for their customers with high-quality work and integrity."

"We are proud to work with such a professional team and are excited to see what they accomplish in the next year."

Business and Industrial Roofing Services

When business owners are in need of a new roof for their low slope building, our roofing experts are able to demonstrate a variety of systems that would be perfect for their needs.

Some of the most popular systems that Energy Roofing Companies offer include COOL ROOFING single ply systems, asphalt systems, and fluid-applied systems. By providing a range of options, we're are able to comfortably meet the needs of any business owner.

We understand you might have a busy workload, but scheduling a showroom appointment to see our low-slope roofing options and differences will help you make the best-informed decision for your business.

Energy Roofing Companies Commercial Roof

Single Ply Systems

Cool roofing is a type of roofing that reflects more sunlight and heat than traditional roofs, which helps keep your building cooler in the summertime. This can lead to significant energy savings on air conditioning costs!

Here's how it works:

the outer membrane of single-ply roofing is very reflective, which increases the roof surface temperature and prevents heat from building up inside the building. This construction lowers your HVAC costs by reducing solar gains.

Single-ply systems are the dominant form of cool roofing because they are easy to install and provide great protection against the elements.

Who is Cool Roofing for?

For business owners looking for a cost-effective way to reduce their energy bills, single-ply roofing is an easy and optimal choice!

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Fluid-Applied Systems

A fluid-applied low slope roofing system is a type of roofing that uses a liquid instead of traditional materials like asphalt. This makes it a good option for buildings that have a difficult time getting traditional roofs to stick, like those with curved or unusual shapes. 🏭🏨

The proper formulation and application could offer a cost-effective solution that will provide a monolithic roof coating that can extend the life of your existing roof, turn it into a money-saving COOL ROOF, and even perform better than your original roof when it was first installed.

If you're curious about saving money by reconditioning your roof with a fluid-applied low slope roofing system, talk with our team or schedule a showroom appointment for an expert walkthrough!

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Asphalt Systems

Asphalt-based low slope systems have been one of the longest and toughest for decades. Today’s asphalt formulations are better than ever and provide your rooftop with added durability that will reduce the possibility of water infiltration. 💧💧💧

Layers of asphalt membranes are combined to provide a built-up barrier against the elements. Today’s asphalt formulations are combined with modified polymers that provide more endurance, flexibility, and self-healing properties to the bitumen composition.

We have an asphalt system for every type of commercial roofing need, so there is no need to risk expensive damage due to a poorly designed or executed installation with an unreliable "quick" solution.

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