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Affordable Solar Roofing in Gainesville Florida

Solar roofing is a great energy-saving, eco-friendly, economical choice for homeowners.

A solar roof is a roof that incorporates solar panels into its design. These panels convert sunlight into energy, which can be used to power a home or business. Solar roofs are becoming more and more popular, as they offer a number of benefits over traditional rooftop solar panels.

  • Solar roofing is a renewable energy source, which means it doesn't produce harmful emissions like other roofing systems
  • It's easier to install and requires less maintenance than other roofing systems
  • Proven to be a cost-effective way to generate electricity without harming the environment

Additionally, solar roofing will increase the value of your home!

🌞 Never Been Easier!

In partnership with North America’s leading roofing manufacturer, GAF, we offer elegant, low-profile solar panels that install like a skylight, ensuring a water-tight, beautiful roof that generates clean energy. 🌎

To keep it simple, we offer one warranty for the roof and solar panels. Additionally, GAF-certified roofers will do all the work on the roof, guaranteeing the best standards for installation.

It’s never been easier to turn your roof into real estate that works for you!

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Solar Panel on an architectural shingle roof

Energy-EfficienT Roof That Pays for Itself

GAF Energy solar can produce electricity at a lower cost than your utility company. The more you produce and use your own electricity, the less you purchase from the utility company.

Over time, GAF Energy solar can even pay for itself AND your new roof, via monthly electric bill savings and government incentives.

You can also get credit for solar energy you send back to the grid when your panels produce more power than your home uses. This further increases your monthly savings!

Best Solar Warranty

The GAF Energy system makes it easy for you to go solar.

Working with a GAF-certified roofer to go solar means your new roof and its integrated solar have the option to be covered under the same industry-leading warranty.

This warranty is backed by our partnership with GAF, a company that has been in business for more than 100 years - direct experience and dedication you can rely on.

🌴 Local Choice
🌎 Global Impact

When you choose to install solar roofs on your home, you are making a choice that has a positive impact on the environment both locally and globally.

Solar roofs provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional roofing materials, and they also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By choosing solar roofs, you are helping to reduce the amount of pollution in the air and making a difference on the environment. 💚

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Designed by experts

Solar roofing was designed by experts who know how to save you money on your energy bill while also caring for our environment.

With GAF solar roofing, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles to match your home's existing look. Plus, our solar roofing is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

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We'd love to help turn your roofing plans into reality with dedicated excellence to our craft.

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